4x4 Lifted Truck Insurance

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Insurance for Lifted Trucks


Suppose you already own a lifted truck or plan on adding a lift kit to your vehicle in the future. In that case, you already know or will learn that insurance for lifted pickup trucks can be a tricky situation, especially in the case of an accident or injury claim. The question remains, will standard auto insurance cover lifted pickup trucks? Many insurance companies do not cover any additional costs when it comes to damaged lift kits without a proper policy endorsement. Costs associated with non-endorsed or aftermarket parts, like a suspension lift, for example, are the sole responsibility of the truck owner. Your policy may not have the coverage required to pay for damaged parts on lift kits. Although, lift kits can be covered indirectly if the insurance adjustor and body shop owner are willing to negotiate repair estimates and labor costs. However, you are walking a thin line on top of a gray area if this is your plan.


Insurance for Modified Trucks


Auto insurance policies for comprehensive and collision coverage are modeled to repair a vehicle to its pre-loss condition. In other words, like it was before the loss occurred in the auto accident or other covered incident. When you purchase auto insurance coverage, the insurer usually asks if the vehicle has been modified at all. If a vehicle is modified, the modifications increase the costs associated with repair and replacement value. Therefore, the insurance company would need to charge more to provide coverage for insurance for modified trucks. Additional coverage is known as a policy endorsement. Policy endorsements can cover costly entertainment systems, customized wheels, specialized paint, and suspension lift kits. Policy endorsements can cover costly entertainment systems, customized wheels, specialized paint, and suspension lift kits.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who will insure a lifted truck? – Most insurance carriers are willing to sell additional coverage in the form of a policy endorsement to cover certain additional items for lifted trucks or other modifications. If the coverage is needed in excess of what a traditional insurance carrier will provide, you would need to go with a specialized insurance company.
  • Does a lift kit void insurance? – A lift kit does not void insurance. Still, you need to let your insurance provider know of any modifications, including lift kits, so that you can obtain a proper policy endorsement and have adequate coverage. If you do not inform your insurance company of modifications, including lift kits, you risk not having adequate coverage. There is also a chance that damage done to parts of the vehicle could be blamed on modifications if the insurance company is unaware of the modifications in advance of the claim.
  • Do lifted trucks cost more to insure? – The short answer is yes. Essentially, any modifications done on a vehicle will ultimately increase the vehicle’s value. Therefore, your insurance will likely be more expensive when you have modifications done. Changes including lift kits need a policy endorsement on top of regular auto insurance to be covered.


Key Takeaways


It is essential to be informed if your hard work on modifications and lift kits on your truck are covered under your auto insurance policy. Your 4x4 lifted truck may not be fully insured by your standard auto insurance policy. We can find a plan for full after-market coverage. Call us today!